Here I will answer the popular question – DO VW TRANSPORTERS HAVE ISOFIX?

With the rapidly growing trend to run the VW Transporter as a family “car” the question around the presence of Isofix in the rear seat is a frequently discussed topic for those with children.


The quick answer

The short answer is that most of the latest model VW T6 Transporters with standard rear seats do indeed have at least some seats with Isofix. Models such as the VW Transporter T6 Kombi, Caravelle, California, Shuttle .

The good news also is that if you need extra Isofix mounts there are some pretty decent cheap solutions that you can use to upgrade the seats to be Isofix compatible. See below on eBay:

The only trim that I am aware of that does not have at least one Isofix is the VW Transporter Panel van that has no rear seats and no Isofix in the front.

How many ISOFIX does the VW Transporter have?

This is a slightly longer answer as there are quite a few different models and layouts with different seat arrangements to bear in mind. You can view my detailed VW T6 model guide here.

Do VW Transporter Kombi models have Isofix?

The T6 Kombi is most commonly sold with two rear seat configurations. Either a three seater bench or a two seater and a one seater. Both options come with two ISOFIX mounts.

VW T6 seat lay out 2 +1
VW T6 – 2+1 seat layout

The three seater bench has one on the left and one on the right with the middle seat using a seatbelt mount only. The Kombi with the two and one seat configuration has two isofix mounts on the double seat and none on the single.

There are no isofix present in the front seats.

VW T6 seat lay out 3 seater bench
VW T6 – 3 seat bench layout

Do VW Transporter Caravelles have Isofix?

The three seater bench in a standard Caravelle comes with two Isofix in the same layout as the Kombi One Isofix on either side of the three seater. The middle seat is seat belt only.

There are no other seats with Isofix – The rear row of seats on the Caravelle are seat belts only

Do VW Transporter Shuttles have isofix?

Despite being an 8 seater, the VW Transporter Shuttle also only has two seats with isofix. The second row with double seats are both fitted with isofix, The third seat on the row that tips forward does not have one.

Shuttle Isofix

The rear row of seats on the Shuttle are seat belts only.

Does the VW Transporter T6 California have Isofix?

The California two seater rear seat / bed fold down bed has two isofix mounts.

Do rock and roll beds have Isofix?

Frustratingly it is very rare to find rock and roll bed with isofix in a Transporter. This is because there are only a couple of manufacturers in the UK that provide for them. Unfortunately most people carrying out conversions do not have isofix mounts as a top priority!

You can read more about this (and find more on the manufacturers) in my rock and roll bed guide here

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