What is a bumper protector?

One of the most popular low cost accessories for a VW Transporter is the addition of a bumper protector. Transporters especially suffer from scratches to the upper lip (sill) of the bumper caused by loading/unloading. Here we will review the best options for T4 T5 and T6 Transporters.

The passing of camping gear, luggage, grocery, bicycle, tools, etc through your rear tail gate causes scratches and bumps on the top painted area of your rear bumper that sticks out from the door.

best Transporter rear bumper protector

This overhanging step area is called the sill. Apart from looking unsightly, these scratches become a liability since the cost of repairing and repainting is high and if you don’t do it, your van’s value drops.

This damage and future expenses can be avoided by spending a few pounds on a bumper protector which is a very good idea to cover existing scratches and paint damage too. 

Our Top Picks

VW T4 #1

  • Ranked #1 for VW T4
  • Manufacturer - Phil Trade
  • Chrome Stainless Steel
  • Adhesive strips - Applied in just a few minutes
  • VW T4 1996 – 2003 (all models, vans, and Multivan)
VW T5 #1

  • Ranked #1 for T5
  • Manufacturer - Autoline
  • Made from strong ABS
  • Automotive grade adhesion tape which is pre-installed on the back of the trim
  • VW T5 2003 - 2015 (all models, vans, and Multivan)
VW T6 #1

  • Ranked #1 for T6
  • Manufacturer - Avisa
  • Made from lightweight Aluminum
  • Attached with double-sided 3M tape, which does not damage the original paint
  • VW T6 2015 - current (all models, vans, and Multivan)

In the following paragraphs, we pick the best VW Transporter bumper protectors for T4, T5, and T6 models. Read on.


Veedub VW T4 bumper protector

These rear bumper protectors from Veedub are made from tough and high impact ABS plastic and are tailored for T4 transporters.

VW T4 Transporter rear bumper protector

They come with an ultra-high bond 3M double-sided tape and fit perfectly on all the twin door and tailgate models of T4.  Molding on the contours, they look like a standard fitting.

No special tools required, just warm the tape a little bit before starting to fit.

These stylish accessories are small but can transform your van’s look.

Phil trade VW T4 rear bumper protector

These are special folded-edges bumpers that have a very little chance of prying off when bumped with people and material passing the gate.

Chrome VW T4 Transporter rear bumper protector

Their stainless steel, highly glossy, and polished look goes along with almost all the colors. The embossed design adds to the elegance.

These cheap guards need no assembly and are quick to fit with their adhesive strips, without any damage.

The chrome protectors are completely rustproof.

Yasoo VW T4 rear bumper protector

If you want a rubber feel on your bumpers, this is the protector you need.

Universal Transporter Rear bumper protector

Since this is a universal guard, you need to first carefully place it on the bumper to take measurements and then cut to size.

Being rubber, it can be freely bent/deformed so that you can bend it over the edges and stretch. It comes with a strong adhesive double-sided tape and needs nothing else for installation.

The advantage of rubber is that it is scratch-resistant and is anti-slip by nature.

The groove design further adds to its grip and if you are the one that always loads the vehicle in a rush, it can help avoid damages due to slip and fall. The only flip side is that being a universal accessory, it needs utmost precision to cut to size.


Chromotive Transporter Rear Bumper Guard

Like most bumper protectors, this stainless steel chrome guard can be easily installed by peeling off the sticky tape and pushing the piece on the sill.

VW T5 chrome rear bumper protector

The double-sided tapes hold on really well.

The seller has provided a drop-down list on the site for you to check if it fits your T5 model based on its launch year, chassis, engine, etc. There is no chance of a misfit.

Autoline accessories VW T5 bumper protector

One of the best VW Transporter rear bumper protectors on the market for the T5 is manufactured by Autoline. This protector is made from strong ABS plastic and has a black carbon look.

Transporter T5 bumper protector

The manufacturer calls it scuff guard/kick plate and it fits perfectly on your T5’s bumper sill, giving it great coverage. You don’t have to worry about the door type since it fits both tailgate and twin barn door models.

It comes with a pre-installed, automotive-grade adhesion tape along with installation instructions, which makes the fitting fast and easy.

Van X VW T5 bumper protector

This is again a strong ABS plastic guard that fits the barn door as well as tailgate models of T5/T5.1/T5GP.

VW Transporter bumper protector for T5

The black scuff guard goes along with all colours and makes your van look trendy. Besides, any scratches and general wear and tear are easily camouflaged on the ABS plastic material.

This product is moulded to OEM specifications and comes along with a 3M adhesive tape which has to be peeled off.

This usually retains its new look for many years.


Avisa Carbon VW T6 bumper protector

This special material premium guard can really jazz up your T6. Made of durable 3D carbon, this black protector keeps your rear bumper absolutely safe and attractive.

VW T6 bumper protector Transporter

The carbon fiber is lightweight and is resistant to pressure, UV radiation and material fatigue. Besides, it doesn’t undergo discoloration. It stays in its sporty look for a long time.

If black is not what you want, there is a colour choice too.

It comes along with a double-sided 3M tape and complete instructions for installation that takes 10 minutes.

Avisa Aluminum VW T6 rear bumper protector

One of the best VW TRANSPORTER BUMPER PROTECTORs is this hard wearing, lightweight aluminium protector. The Avisa is made of durable aluminum and is tailor-made for your T6. Molding on the bumper, it fits perfectly.

Aluminium VW Transporter rear bumper protection

Like all metal guards, it adds to the style quotient of your transporter apart from protecting it from damage. The material is rust-resistant and strong enough to last for years.

The fitting material and instructions are included and the frames are easy to assemble.

RGM Volkswagen Transporter T6 Caravelle/Multivan

This one is made of tough ABS plastic. Its unidirectional satin finish gives it the brushed aluminum look that looks premium for the cost.

Transporter Caravelle rear bumper protector

It weighs just 750 grams along with the package and fits perfectly on your T6.

How to fit a VW Transporter bumper protector

As seen in the examples above, fitting a VW Transporter rear bumper protector isn’t rocket science. It takes a few simple steps. However, it does need some precaution to ensure a firm and foolproof fitting. Following are the steps which will help you fit a rear bumper guard.

  • Spray a pre-wash on the sill to knock off some dirt
  • Let it rest on the surface for a few minutes
  • Wash it with a hose
  • Try to keep the water off the interiors, especially if you have a carpet.
  • Now do a round of contact-wash with detergent
  • Leave it for some time to let the water evaporate
  • Wipe it dry with a cloth/sponge. Make sure no moisture remains.
  • There could still be residual patches so rub it with a tissue
  • If you see some scratches or marks, polish them off. But if you do that, you need to do a round of wiping again to remove the polish or residue since there shouldn’t be any coating/layer left on the surface.
  • Now pick the protector and without removing the packaging, just keep it on the area to get the perfect placement. See if all grooves get the right fit.
  • In the case of a universal protector, cut it to the size and shape. Match the edges.
  • Make some light pencil marks if needed
  • Now flip it over and take the strips off from the adhesive side
  • Turn it over and place the adhesive side on the bumper. Adjust it so that it fits perfectly.
  • Squeeze out the ripples.

Your transporter is ready with the bumper protector. Admire its new look.

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