Join me in the pursuit of the best VW Transporter accessories

The VW Transporter is a great vehicle to have and enthusiasts are always on a quest for adding space, style, comfort, technology, safety, and many other accessories in the pursuit for the best experience on the road.

The Transporter life is a lifestyle and a hobby (and quite possibly an addiction…), many of us are always on the hunt for the next best accessory that will make our lives a little more practical, safe, or just simply look cool…!

How this guide has been formed

If you have stubbled upon this article, you are most likely searching for a few ideas to treat your Transporter (and your self) to.

Below is a list of my top picks for a Transporter T4 T5 or T6. These make up the most common low cost VW Transporter accessories that are most commonly used in the UK. Some I would class as an absolute MUST HAVE, and others are nice to have if you have the spare cash.

All of the accessories recommended here I have personally experienced, feel free to share your best accessory ideas in the comments section at the bottom of this article. If I am missing something critical, or you think I should review I would love to add it!

This article is an ongoing work in progress when I have time I am adding more detail so please bear with me.

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Best VW Transporter accessories (Under £100)

  1. Transporter wind deflectors (read more)
  2. Transporter windscreen wrap (read more)
  3. Transporter rear bumper protector (read more)
  4. Tailored carpet van floor mats (read more)
  5. Transporter diesel heater (read more)
  6. Magnetic Trokot privacy shades (read more)
  7. Thermal and soundproofing (read more)

Transporter wind deflector accessories

Best vw Transporter accessories

What are they? – only one of the best VW Transporter accessories on this page

Wind deflectors are a common accessory fitted to all models of vans (not just transporters) I personally have had a set fitted to all of my Transporter T4’s (yes I’ve had a few over the years…),

This accessory is also very common on the T5 and T6 and you see a lot of them about on the UK roads. From experience the T6 is in fact worse for the wind buffeting than the T4.

If you have a friend with a T5 or T6 that keeps turning up with a really poor quality hair doo, missing wind deflectors is the most likely cause. For less than £50 they can fix their problem – if you wanted to.

The drivers window in the T6 is longer than the T4 and therefore the wind has a fantastic skill of sweeping in right to the spot where your face is resting 98% of the time. Wind seems to channel straight into your face. If it’s drizzling with rain it makes for a nasty experience.

Vans especially suffer with poor aerodynamics (particularly the older ones) which means when your window is down it can be uncomfortable on speeds over 30mph.

Installing wind deflectors will reduce the buffeting from wind, reducing cabin noise and some claim an increase in MPG (although I’m not convinced of this). Wind deflectors also enable you to have the window down when it is raining.

Finally, wind deflectors are also used to improve the look of the van exterior and can be found in all colours and finishes to suit personal taste.

A simple and low cost but useful fixture.

Why are they needed

  • Reduce wind noise
  • Reduce rain ingress into the cabin
  • Reduce road noise
  • To individualise your van
  • Improve aerodynamics

How hard are they to fit

Wind deflectors are usually designed to be “plug and play” some are sold with self-adhesive (like the ones below). Others are designed to slide into the crevice of your door frame and window seal. Both methods of attachment are easy.

Just make sure you buy the correct set for your model of Transporter as the window frames differ through the models and this accessory is model specific.


Whilst I would consider this to be one of the best VW Transporter accessories – as with any accessory, they do sometimes have weaknesses. From my experience the short list below summarises:

  • They are fairly easy to break when you are installing them. I managed to snap a passenger side wind deflector when installing on my T4. Some are tighter fitment than others and sometimes need a bit of manipulation to fit.
  • Some work better than others at deflecting the wind. Make sure you rear the reviews.
  • The adhesive (on some) is not built to withstand serious temperatures. Again, read the reviews and if you live in a hot climate, you may be best to opt for the slot in rather than stick on versions.
  • The slot in versions sometimes affect the window closure mechanism! I am one of the lucky few with electric windows on the T4, 95% of the time the windows close first time, sometimes the auto sensor kicks in and thinks something is stuck in the window and it casually rolls the window back down! Very minor issue but one that I have noticed.

Transporter windscreen wrap accessories

Transporter windscreen wrap accessory

What are they

These windscreen curtain wraps have a few uses but most commonly used when camping to improve privacy, they also have thermal properties that can assist with keeping the temperature in the van more balanced.

Leaving your windscreen exposed in summer months will potentially result in the greenhouse effect…. Especially if you are facing the sun at sun rise. For this main reason it makes my list of the best VW Transporter accessories for under £100.

Even a morning sun can raise the temperature inside a vehicle at an alarming rate! If you like a good night sleep with a leisurely lie in then this accessory is worth the price. Personally, I don’t go camping without one and you will see it featuring on my T4 in lots of pictures on this website!

The other common use for these is in the winter, If your van is parked up it is a good idea to cover the windscreen. This protects the windscreen from frost (avoiding the need to scrap or defrost your screen) and again, helps to keep the inside of the van at a most consistent temperature.

Why are they needed

The main reasons to consider one of these accessories:

  • Privacy when camping
  • Thermal properties helps avoid the van heating too quickly in the morning sun
  • Frost protection during winter months

How hard are they to fit

Not really… Some are a fairly tight fit so you need to be careful when closing your side doors to avoid any rips.

From experience it is worth paying a little more for these and get a model specific windscreen wrap (you can buy cheaper generic ones). This ensures they fit the width of your screen but also means they fit correctly around your door frames and wing mirrors.


  • You can’t open your driver or passenger front door once installed without a bit of a faff
  • They do get condensation (as you would expect with anything being left out overnight…)
  • Bad fitment can result in rips.

Transporter Accessory Recommendation

This blackout blind gives dual protection to your parked T5/T6 – against sun and heat in the summer and against frost in the winter. It is a really good tight fitment with a lot of praise on Amazon.

I have seen a few of these in use, and is the same manufacturer that I use on the VW T4


These accessories are must have for camping – they boost privacy and ensures a good night sleep. The thermal properties also assist in keeping the temperature stable.

This waterproof cover is made of a tough fabric to withstand harsh conditions. It can fold up really small for ease of storage.

Rear bumper protector

best Transporter rear bumper protector

What are they

The rear bumper sill protector in my opinion should be a standard accessory installed by VW. The upper sill on the Transporter is prone to scratches and damages unbelievably easily.

For the sake of £20 or so, do not skip this essential accessory. For the value vs reward this definitely makes my best VW Transporter accessories list.

Most second hand Transporters will most likely have one of these fitted. If not then I can guarantee the upper sill will be plagued with scratches and dents caused by even the lightest use.

When Transporters are used commercially this exasperates the issue as the constant loading and unloading to the rear of the vehicle with tools and materials leaves the sill pretty unsightly.

Why are they needed

Quite obvious but…

  • Prevent scratches to the upper sill of your Transporter
  • Ideal where tools, materials, dogs or luggage will be loaded to the rear
  • Personalise your vehicle (they come in all colours and finishes)

How hard are they to fit

Not at all, they are almost all installed with strong double sided adhesive. Make sure you clean the surface well and degrease the paint work before installing to ensure a strong attachment.

Most recommend that you install these in ambient temperatures as the glue work best when it is not too hot or too cold although I’ve personally never had an issue with one coming unstuck.


There really isn’t many…

  • Check the reviews before buying to ensure the adhesive is decent. If you get a decent one it is unlikely you will ever need to replace it.

Transporter Accessory Recommendation

The Van X is a really decent quality bumper protector, We have one installed on our T4 and T6. Some of the cheaper protectors don’t cover the corner edges and only cover the upper sill.

You can see in the photo how the van X wraps over the edges slightly.

We personally needed this as we have dogs in the rear quite frequently and they push off the bumper sill when the jump down! Their claws catch the upper lip which the Van X system protects nicely.

Van x rear bumper transporter accessory

Tailored carpet van floor mats

Top low cost VW Transporter accessory for VW T6

What are they

These are a great Transporter accessory – designed to create a fitted carpet feel to the driver and passenger areas of the Transporter.

As standard the majority of Transporters are sold with a rubber floor that is best suited to use in panel vans where they endure hard wear and tear.

The higher end models such as the Caravelle and Shuttle more often have factory fitted carpet to give the interior more of a car feel than a van.

Carpet in the front of a Transporter is a factory optional upgrade that more often than not is not taken up (due to VW accessory costs)

For a few pounds therefore, it is a very common Transporter accessory upgrade that owners opt for (including myself!)

Why are they needed

Carpet in the front drivers and passenger areas offers a few benefits:

  • Softer cushioning helps reduce the sound of the road inside the vehicle
  • Improves driver experience with a softer feel to the floor when driving
  • Reduces slip risk. The original flooring can get wet and slippery
  • The fitted style carpets are much better as a “1 piece” solution. The small individual driver mats just slip around in the cab area and never stay in place.
  • Protects your original van flooring and easy to remove to clean.

How hard are they to fit

Surprisingly no….! Just don’t skimp on your product selection as the more tailored carpets fit better and stay in place easier.

The cheaper ones are usually thin and either roll up annoyingly and end up creating a trip hazard or alternatively wear thin on the heel area under the driver pedals.


Whilst I wouldn’t leave home without ours and is one of the best VW Transporter accessories I’ve used – there are a few downsides to watch out for:

  • The cheaper ones can roll up and create trip hazards or wear thin in high use areas.
  • They can get muddy and not so easy to wipe clean as the original Transporter flooring
  • Unlike separate floor mats, if one side gets damaged you need to replace the whole thing.
  • Read the reviews on Amazon as they give a great indication of product quality.
  • Buy cheap buy twice on these…

Transporter Accessory Recommendation

This is one of my personal favourites by FSW. It certainly isn’t the most expensive at £29.99, and I think it is very reasonable for the quality you get. We have one of these in our T6, they also fit the T5 and I have linked to the T4 equivalent.

This black mat with anti-slip rubber backing is a great facelift for your transporter. This is a combination of aesthetics and practicality and includes a driver’s side heel pad (which in my opinion is critical for these).

VW Transporter privacy shades accessory

Best VW Transporter window accessory

What are they

These are a really cool, practical accessory that I really have to recommend. They easily make it onto my best VW Transporter accessories review.

These magnetic Transporter accessories are easily overlooked however the practicality they add to a Transporter make them one of my personal favourites. We have a set for both the T4 and T6.

These magnetic “shades” are quick, easy and flexible to install. They are road legal in the UK so you can drive with them installed without any issues from the police.

They offer sensible sun protection when driving. The main selling point for me however is the bug protection they offer!

You can camp in the summer months – even in midge territory up in Scotland and still have your windows safely down to enable ventilation during the night or day.

When you don’t want them installed (perhaps during the winter) you can take them off without fuss and they leave no marks on your paint work.

VW Transporter accessory review for window privacy

Why are they needed

A few reasons:

  • Enhance your driver and passenger privacy as well as camping experience if you do not have a wind screen wrap then these are the second best option
  • Sun dazzle reduction, especially during winter months when the sun is low in the sky
  • Bug protection – Have your windows down anytime, anywhere without bugs entering your space. Especially mozzies…
  • Improved ventilation at night.
  • Easy to remove and road legal accessory makes them a better option than window tint.

How hard are they to fit

Its a five minute job. There really isn’t much to it. Just make sure you buy the correct set for your model Transporter.

Note that they are magnetic so if your metal work around the windows have been carpeted then these won’t work for you.


Very few downsides. These are a great easy to fit accessory. Buy the correct one for your model and they are plug and play. The magnets are strong enough to withstand heavy wind buffer. Even on the motorway they are secure.

Transporter Accessory Recommendation

We have a set of the Trokot magnetic blinds although there are plenty of other options.

There are medium priced but we have found the quality of the material and magnetic strength is spot on for what we need.

If you want the bug protection, make sure you check the mesh to ensure they will block the small midges.

The Trokot is a tailor-made solution for the T4 T5 and T6 (they also do a range for other manufacturers)

These come in sets of 2 and cover both the driver and passenger sides. These good quality magnetic shades have rubber frames.

VW Transporter accessories for window

VW Transporter thermal insulation

VW Transporter accessory for insulating

What is it

This “Accessory” is more of a vehicle upgrade that will add value to your vehicle however if you are game… it makes a fantastic upgrade and for not much money and so makes my list for the best VW Transporter accessories.

You need to be willing to roll your sleeves up and install it yourself to keep the costs below £100.

Insulation is one thing that Transporters are lacking, 95% of them left the factory intended for commercial use either as panel vans or Kombi spec. Only the higher end models that are sold in car bias trim (m1 tax category) have any really consideration for insulation.

As a commercial vehicle of course, this is fine, however for personal use and pleasure use, it kind of sucks! It makes road noise loud and thermal properties of the vehicle low.

So before you carpet your van interior, spend 50 quid on some decent insulation. Most of it is self-adhesive so you literally cut and stick

Why is it needed

A few reasons:

  • A great DIY upgrade that will improve the feel of your Transporter
  • Reduces road noise
  • Improves thermal properties for sleeping.
  • Reduces the temperature that your van will reach during hot summer days.
  • Adds value to your Transporter
  • With a top layer of carpet – it looks very nice aesthetically.
  • Reduces condensation in the vehicle – especially when sleeping

How hard are they to fit

No – not hard, all you need is a pair of scissors/Stanley knife with a sharp blade however the process does require a bit of time and patience to get a decent finish.

I would advise leaving a narrow strip around the edges to ensure your top layer (carpet) can be stuck directly to metal.

This will improve the life of the carpet adhesive and avoid peeling.

Transporter thermal accessory


Not too many downsides however to offer a balanced view I will mention a few risks:

  • If you are going to take the time to do this, spend a little more of decent insulation membrane. Some of the cheaper brands are thin and don’t work as well as the dearer (and we are only really talking a few extra £ in reality)
  • It takes time to install and is what I would consider permanent. On lease vehicles for example you probably wouldn’t bother unless it is a long lease.
  • Incorrect fitment can result in carpet not sticking well. Make sure you leave gaps around the edges to allow carpet adhesive to bond direct to metal.

VW Transporter insulation accessory recommendation

I recently used Solarbay to line the back of my VW T6. There are loads of options similar to this however so don’t take this as a hard sell – This is just my experience shared.

Admittedly I paid an extra £100 to have it installed for me (on this occasion I just wanted it sorted!) however the process only took 2 to 3 hours before the carpet lining was applied and has given a really nice finish

I personally lined my 1999 VW T4 myself but made the mistake of buying a thermal layer without the foam (this one here actually) (essentially just a roll of thermal foil) It works ok but certainly no where near as warm as the Solarbay.

Most notably the sound deadening qualities are far superior on the SolarBay product.

For those who cannot stand the moving noises, especially rattle noises and vibrations of your van, this insulator is a perfect little boon.

This 5mm sound damper consists of butyl and is laced with self-adhesive to sit perfectly on your transporter’s interior body.

VW Transporter diesel heater accessory

diesel heater accessory

What is it

This device is extremely useful in cold conditions. It keeps the van cabin warm and is surprisingly efficient. You can pay up to 1.4k for these however my personal recommendation would be to look into the cheaper Chinese diesel heaters that are also a little easier to fit.

The Chinese diesel heaters usually have LCD monitors and remote controls that can be mounted nicely anywhere you choose. These heaters are designed to be stand alone and can work with a 12V electric supply from a leisure battery

In recent years some of the best diesel heaters offering outstanding value are from Chinese manufacturers such as Tseipoaoi, Triclicks and Maxpeedingrods.

Buying a diesel night heater is actually extremely technical so I have written a comprehensive guide (here). Don’t rush your purchase decision as there are a few considerations before purchasing,

Why is it needed

When installed correctly diesel heaters are one of the best VW Transporter accessories for under £100 (or close to, they are creeping up in price)

They will raise your vans temperature to anywhere between 19 and 30 degrees depending on the setting. They are stand alone so do not require plumbing unless you really want to.

Most users simply use them with a 10L diesel tank that can be hidden away inside your van. Diesel heaters should ALWAYS be installed with a Carbon monoxide alarm.

How hard are they to fit

I’m going to say yes here… If you have the time and patience you can do a good job your self, they can be mounted under the driver or passenger seats in a VW T4 T5 or T6.

Some choose to mount them underneath the body of the Transporter. There are pro’s and cons to both locations.

Mounted under the seats is a little easier to access and requires less holes drilling into the base of your Transporter. The downside however is that they are a tight fit and if you have a swivel seat base plate installed for example you may find that it won’t fit.

Mounting a diesel heater under the Transporter floor however has a few benefits if you are confident.

  1. They make a little bit of noise when running (mine clicks/ticks) but once up to temp the clicking reduces
  2. Easier to plumb into your diesel tank (if that is your preferred option)
  3. Less risk of Carbon monoxide making it into your sleep area.


There are a few to be mindful of:

  • The diesel tank takes up a bit of room inside your Transporter unless you decide to plumb it direct to your main fuel tank
  • Installed incorrectly they can be dangerous
  • They make a slight ticking noise
  • Require occasional maintenance (like changing glow plug etc)

VW Transporter insulation accessory recommendation

We have the Maxpeeding rod diesel heater installed in our VW T4. For the price and reliability it would be my best diesel heater accessory recommendation.

That said, you can’t go wring with a Triclick or Tseipoaoi by all accounts however I have never personally used one.

What ever you do…Make sure you go for the 2kW version (and not the 5kW) as you will cook… View the complete guide below before buying.

best vw transporter accessory

View our buyers guide to find the best one suited to your needs.


I hope that was an informative guide to the best VW Transporter accessories. All of the products suggested here I have personal experience of. That isn’t to say that there are many more amazing accessories but these are my top few picks.

Please feel free to comment below and share with us your best VW Transporter accessory ideas!

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