Introduction to popular VW gift ideas

VW enthusiasts love a VW inspired gift! Here we will help you with some VW gift ideas and break down a bit of the lingo as there are lots of different models to be aware of.

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Best sellers

Best seller

  • Manufacturer - Eadidi
  • Windscreen defroster 12v
  • Ideal for long trips or camping
  • Clear the frost, fog, mist on your vehicle’s windshield
  • Portable 180 degrees rotating bracket, Durable cable

  • Manufacturer - OKEEECA
  • Organizer size: 61cm*41cm (24in*16in)
  • Fits all Transporters
  • Transparent PVC touch screen pocket is designed to hold Tablet, Kindle, iPad
  • Environmentally friendly material

  • Manufacturer - Van X
  • Bumper protector for T4 T5 or T6
  • Ideal for pets and frequent rear loading
  • Comes in different colours and finishes
  • Reduces wear and tear signs of vehicle

  • Manufacturer - maXpeedingrods
  • Diesel night heater 12v 2kW
  • LCD Display
  • None plumbed - Easy install
  • Best for VW Transporter sized vehicles

Most popular gifts under £20 in 2021

A brief VW Gift idea overview

So this section assumes you do not know too much your self about VW’s as you are buying for someone else… Skip ahead if you are a VW expert.

There are lots of different types and years of VW’s. If you are getting a printed Mug or T shirt or perhaps something much dearer such as an awning for example you want to make sure you get the right model.

For VW Transporter gift ideas that are model specific – the models are:

VW Transporter T1 – 1950-1967

VW Transporter T2 – 1967-1979

VW Transporter T3 – 1979-1992

VW Transporter T4 – 1990-2003

VW Transporter T5 – 2003-2015

VW Transporter T6 – 2016- till present

If you are really interested, you can read our full guide on Transporter models here.

VW gift ideas for less than £10

Here we have have selected the top 10 gadgets and practical VW gift ideas for an enthusiast

1) A Mobile phone dash board mount for Iphone or Samsung etc (View here)

Mobile dashboard mounts are a great low cost, practical gift for VW Transporter owners. They are also universal so will work in any model of VW.

VW Transporter phone holder gift

A lot of older VW’s do not have satellite navigation systems so this is a great low cost way to introduce one.

2) A VW laser cut keyring (View here)

VW gift keyring

You can’t really go wrong with a Transporter key ring, this one is a firm favourite amongst fellow dubbers!

3) VW Cushions! (View here)

gift T4 cushions

Here we have some VT T4 printed cushions. These suit the real T4 enthusiasts that need a bit more soft furnishing in their Transporter or home use. A great low cost gift for under a tenner.

4) VW Transporter rear parking sensor (View here)

A rear parking sensor is a super low cost, practical VW gift for Transporters. The older models didn’t have sensors as standard which isn’t great if the back window is opaque.

Rear sensor for VW gift idea

This sensor will improve the drivability of your friend or family’s VW for under £10

5) VW Campervan socks (View here)

VW Transporter socks for enthusiast

Socks are a great gift and always raise a smile! What better option than a pair of VW Transporter printed socks.

6) VW Key protector (View here)

VW Transporter keys suffer from water ingress. Dropping them in a puddle can be an expensive mistake. This little gadget will protect your friends key from accidental water damage.

VW Transporter key protector gift

Another great VW gift for less than £10

7) VW Transporter storage tin (View here)

Storage is always a challenge in a Transporter. Things need to be kept neat and tidy. A Transporter printed tin is a lovely idea for helping your friend keeps things organised.

Transporter organiser tin

A nice gift for less than £10

8) VW Transporter fridge magnets (View price)

Does your friend love a fridge magnet? Here you can get them a full set for less than £10!

Transporter fridge magnet gift

Not such a practical VW gift but definitely a nice idea.

9) A VW Transporter boot organizer (View here)

Here we have a really low cost boot organiser that folds down. Transporter boot space is precious.

Transporter boot organiser present

Help your friend organise their VW boot space with this practical gift

10) VW Transporter cup holders (View here)

The VW Transporter will always benefit from extra cup holders. These are low cost and easy to install. This is a very popular addition to any model of Transporter.

Cupholder for transporter

The VW T4 especially has really poor quality factory fitted cup holders, so this cheap gift could really make your friends day.

VW gift ideas for less than £20

A budget of £20 gets some really good quality VW gifts, below is a selection that are a mix of practical and gimmicky gifts!

1) A VW reversing camera makes a fantastic gift and isn’t model specific (View here)

A rear mount camera is a really popular modification for the VW Transporter. Factory fitted cameras are extremely expensive from Volkswagen so here is a very cheap solution.

VW T6 gift sensors

These cameras are universal plug and play however do require a screen to be fitted in addition – somewhere within the dashboard.

2) A VW seat organizer gift (View here)

If your VW fanatic of a friend has lots of clutter in their Transporter. These organisers are a great way to help them.

Transporter organiser

Campervans of Transporter size are always restrictive when it comes to storage space so these kinds of gifts will get plenty of use.

3) A VW power lead extension bag (T5) (View here)

Here we have a nice storage solution for the power cables that you tend to carry in a Transporter for camping. Cables get easily tangled in the boot of a campervan.

Transporter gift bag

Here is a nice VW related gift to solve that problem.

4) Tailored fit Transporter floor mat gift! (View here)

Here is a very popular gift for T5 and T6 owners. The standard VW Transporter comes with a rubber floor. These made to fit mats make the Transporter feel more homely and give a more luxurious feel to the driver area of the vehicle.

VW T5 gift floor mat idea

This mat is especially good value at under £20

5) Heavy duty bag for bedding (View here)

Here is another storage solution. Bedding takes up lots of space in a Transporter and easily gets dirty if your friends enjoy a trip to the beach.

Transporter bedding carrier

This VW branded bag will keep their bedding nice and tidy/clean on their weekend getaways.

6) Large VW Decal gift for the side of the Transporter (View here)

If you live in the UK you will have definitely seen other VW’s with these decals fitted.

VW Gift decal

If your friend is a passionate VW enthusiast, a decal gift for their Transporter will make their day.

7) Carbon door handle upgrade for a VW Transporter T5 (View here)

Transporter T6 and T5 handle protect

Here we have T5/T6 handle protectors. It is a nice cheap modification that both improves the look of the standard handles but also offers protection from scratches.

8) A VW Printed T-shirt (View here)

VW Campervan gift idea

T-shirts always make great gift ideas for VW fans. Here is a popular, high quality print for an avid fan.

9) A Transporter Keyring (View here)

High quality transporter campervan gift

Here we have a more expensive, higher quality Transporter keyring. These are always an easy win if you are struggling for gift ideas.

10) VW Transporter long sleeve top (View here)

VW T4 gift idea

This is a nice quality top for a VW T4 gift idea. With long sleeves and a quality print it is perfect for VW T4 enthusiasts.

Transporter gift ideas for bigger budgets

VW gift ideas for less than £50

  1. VW Wind deflectors (View here)
  2. A VW T5/T6 black out screen for camping (View here)
  3. VW Rear light LED upgrade (View here)
  4. Seat protector (View here)
  5. Heavy duty seat covers (View here)
  6. Internal Thermal Blind (View here)
  7. VW Transporter T5 rear bumper protector (View here)
  8. VW Transporter roof rail cross bars (View here)
  9. VW Transporter T5 annd T6 heavy duty floor mat (View here)
  10. VW alloy wheel centre cap (View here)

VW gift ideas for less than £100

  1. A high specification reversing camera (View here)
  2. An integrated Cupholder, dash tidy for T5 (View here)
  3. A HID Headlight conversion kit for T4 to T5 (View here)
  4. VW Transporter T5 and T6 WIndow visors (View here)
  5. Aluminum roof rails for T5 or T6 (View here)

VW gift ideas for less than £500

  1. Camecho Double Din 7″ Car CD DVD Player GPS Sat Nav  (View here)
  2. VW TRasnporter T6 dog protector & Luggage barrier (View here)
  3. A Transporter folding mattress (View here)
  4. VW Transporter roof rails (View here)
  5. Flexiboard VW Transporter bed extension (View here)


Hopefully that has given you some good inspiration for a VW related gift. If your gift is model specific double check the model that your friend or family member has before purchasing.