Van Roof Bars introduction

Van owners usually need to carry more than the contents that can be contained within the cabin. The best van roof bars offer the perfect low cost solution for hauling bulky items like luggage, bikes, canoes, kayaks, skis, camping material, etc.

Roof bars are a set of two or more crossbars that fit on top, across the width of the vehicle.


  • Manufacturer - Rhino
  • 3 Bar Roof Rack
  • Aerodynamic shaped bar
  • lightweight anodised aluminium
  • Includes all brackets, fixings, lockable leg cowls for easy fitting & detailed instructions

  • Manufacturer - ULTIBar
  • 2 Roof Bars
  • incl. 4 x Free Load Stops
  • Load Capacity: Up to max roof capacity
  • Innovative T-Track system

  • Manufacturer - Vanguard
  • 3 Roof Bars and Rear Ladder Roller Kit
  • Ability to carry up to 55kg per bar
  • Load Capacity: Up to max roof capacity
  • Innovative T-Track system

  • Manufacturer- Steel-Line
  • 3 Heavy Duty Steel-Line Roof Bars & Roller
  • Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • No Drilling Required
  • Corrosion resistant heavy duty Zinc plated finish

Qualities that make the best van roof bars

The following qualities are desirable in the best van roof bars:

  • Aerodynamic roof bar design that makes negligible noise
  • Good aesthetics that make the van look stylish
  • Van roof bars should be  resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Van roof bars should be lightweight, but with a good load-carrying capacity.
  • Van roof bars shouldn’t affect the vehicle’s fuel efficiency
  • Van roof bars should be designed to fit your van model without the need for drilling.
  • Van roof bars should have a place for several adjustable load-stops to secure various items.

The best van roof bars reviewed

When it comes to van roof bar solutions, there are few popular manufacturers who offer reliable products, let’s check out the five best roof bars available in the UK market.

Rhino Kammbar – roof bars

The market leader Rhino offers roof bars for all modern and vintage vans. This one’s for Ford Transit Courier – both, twin door and tailgate models.

Rhinno removeable van roof bars

Made of lightweight anodised aluminium, these premium bars have an aerodynamic shape that reduces wind drag and subsequent noise. Along with its perfect fitment, it is one of the quietest roof bars available.

The package has four free adjustable load stops and lockable leg cowls that ensure the safety of the stored load. With all the fixings and detailed fitting instructions, they are easy and quick to install.

Besides providing a load capacity of 75kg per bar, they also make the van look stylish.

ULTI bars – Van roof bars

ULTI bars have made a name for durability, strength, and style. Designed specifically for every van model, matching the OEM fixing points, it combines material and engineering to optimise its strength.

Ulti van roof bars

The installation can be done by a single person by securing the brackets to the van’s fixing points, using the supplied bolts. The optional load stops could be then positioned to your need.

Secure van roof bars

While the plastic parts are UV proof, the brackets are powder coated and galvanized to ensure a long life. The anti-corrosive bars could be left on the roof through all weather conditions.

Vanguard – Van roof rails

This pair of two roof bars comes from Vanguard and is made for Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner. The chrome finish looks aesthetically pleasing but they offer much more than sheer looks.

vanguard high strength roof rails

The anodised aluminium bars can take on damp weather conditions and the aerodynamic design makes them less noisy and more fuel-efficient.

vanguard universal van roof bars

Their flat design makes material loading easy and the supplied set of four adjustable stops helps in securing the load. An overall value for money.

Steel-Line roof bars

These steel bars made of high strength steel can carry 100 kg per bar. The heavy-duty steel bars are laced with an ant -corrosive coat and are made with strength and reliability in mind.

steel-line universal van roof bars

This pair of 2 bars are meant for Renault Traffic but they are available for a host of van models. They are supplied with two pairs of load stops and provision of fitting spoilers, rear roller, and extra bars whenever needed.

They come with full installation instructions backed up with UK phone support. The company claims these roof bars will outlive the vehicle itself.

Brightfootbook universal roof bars

This alloy aluminium black lock bar system is universal and can be fitted on most van models that have factory-installed roof rails. Its adjustable mounting brackets can adapt to the width of your vehicle.

lockable roof rails

Though this doesn’t compromise its stability with which it can carry 150 kg of load.  The crossbars possess high strength and are resistant to rust and corrosion.

This easy to assemble roof bar system has an anti-theft lock system too.


Are roof bars easy to remove?

The ease of removing the bars depends on the type of installation design it has. If the roof bar is clamped around your side rails or door, they can be removed in 10-15 minutes by loosening a few bolts.

It is always advisable to keep your bolt threads lubricated with copper grease so that they are easy to unbolt anytime in the future.

Some roof bars are designed to be more permanant withh holes through the van roof. These are not simple to remove and the holes will require filling with rubber grommets to avoid leak or rust ingress.

Are roof bars noisy?

When wind passes through or over the roof bar, it can make a whistling sound known as Aeolian sound. A well designed roof bar however will rarely genearte enough noice to hear inside the cabin.

The noise changes with the kind of load fastened with the rack. This noise can be minimized by giving an aerodynamic design to the roof bar which deflects the wind.

Are van roof bar mounts universal?

Not all roof bar mounts are universal. Vans come in different widths, roof heights, and wheelbases which impacts the roof rack area.

For a heavy-duty firm fit, it is important that the roof bar is designed for a specific model.

However, for regular use, there are universal roof racks whose length could be adjusted with siding grips. The vendor usually supplies two to three different sizes of brackets that could cover a wide range of vans.

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