Introduction to Van lining carpet

Lining a van with carpet is a common upgrade that owners explore for all makes and models of vans as factory specifications rarely include van lining as standard.

Here we will look at the best van lining carpet for use in conversions with good insulation and sound deadening properties.

One of the cheapest ways to carpet line a van is to buy a carpeting kit which includes adhesive, carpet and tools – such as the one below.

The most common VW vans for carpet lining include the Caddy, Transporter and Crafter as well as other manufacturers such as the Ford Transit and less common vans such as the Mercedes Sprinter.

Van carpet lining improves the comfort, insulation and lowers the background sound when driving, as well as improving the aesthetics of the interior. The best van lining carpet can be installed directly to the van interior (onto bare metal) or alternatively can be installed onto of a thermal insulation base layer.

If you go for insulation along with lining, it’ll protect your van cabin from the extremes of temperature conditions outside. 

In the following article, we will talk about everything related to lining and insulation.

Cost to insulate and carpet a van?

You can get your van lined with a carpet through a professional service or you can do it yourself. Let’s check out the costs involved in both cases

Professionally installed van carpet lining cost

The standard rates for different vans according to size/wheelbase are as follows (all figures are approximate):

Larger Vans – VW Crafter/Fiat Ducato/Nissan NV300 /Mercedes Sprinter/Ford Transit


Carpet Lining £675 +VAT. 

Insulation £185 +VAT


Carpet Lining £795 +VAT. 

Insulation £245 +VAT

Medium Vans VW T6/Ford Custom/Renault Traffic/ Vauxhall Vivaro


Carpet Lining £575 +VAT. 

Insulation £165 +VAT


Carpet Lining £650 +VAT. 

Insulation £185 +VAT

Cost for DIY van carpet lining

With the right homework, tools, and material, DIY carpet lining your van isn’t a very difficult task and there are plenty of videos online to talk you through the stages. 

To install carpet lining your self, the following tools and materials are recommended:

  • Van carpet – For a transporter size medium van you will need 10 to 12 meters of carpet which will cost about £120
  • Adhesive – For an SWB medium van, a box of 10-12 cans will be consumed. It costs £80 to £100.
  • Latex gloves and mask/respirator – One good mask a few pairs of gloves
  • Tools like straight edge, stanley knife, roller, stapler, and other pick tools that will cost around £ 50

Aggregating the above, the total cost of DIY carpet lining comes out to be from £ 250 to £300 varying between van size and wheelbase. Add another £ 50 to 100 for the optional insulation, for which you can use foam, wool, polystyrene, etc.

How much carpet is needed to line a Transporter?

The requirement of carpet varies depending on the wheelbase and the amount of coverage (lining) you are planning. 

For an SWB transporter, the lining of only the metalwork and panels can be done in 10 meters of a 2-meter wide carpet roll, while if you want to include the roof, you’ll need 12 meters of it.

Similarly, for an LWB transporter, it’ll take 12 meters excluding the roof, and 15 meters including the roof.

For some people, covering the tailgate too is an option and the required carpet length changes accordingly.

Lastly, if it’s a four-way stretch carpet, you will need less of it as it could be stretched. In fact, there are super stretch carpets available in the market which can line an SWB transporter in just 5 to 7 meters of length.

What are the different types of van lining carpet?

When it comes to lining your van, there are mainly two types of carpets

  • 4-way stretch carpet – As the name suggests, they are pliable, flexible and can be stretched to mould over the wheel arches, window frames, and other difficult areas, etc
  • Self-adhesive van lining carpet – They can be stretchable as well as non-stretchable. Their self-adhesive nature makes them perfect for DIY lining since the discomforting job of spraying the glue is taken out of the equation.

Best Van lining kits

Here we are listing a few good carpet lining kits

TnA Van lining Carpet

Van lining carpet

This is 10 meters × 5 meters of genuine Veltrim carpet made of 100% polypropylene. It comes along with 10 cans of high-temperature Trimfix adhesive.

This material is enough for the standard lining of a short wheelbase transporter The light grey color can match most of the van interiors and will give a smooth finish.

Super stretch van lining carpet

As the name suggests, this is a super stretch carpet hence the kit comes only with 5 meters × 2 meters of carpet and 5 cans of glue. It might be sufficient to cover the van minus the roof and tailgate.

But the good part is that this vendor on eBay sells by the meter too so that you can fully line an LWB van.

The standard package comes in silver color, but again you can choose from a few available alternatives by simply emailing them.

The 3mm thick carpet is stretchable enough to mold perfectly around the wheel arches, metalwork, windows, and other tricky areas. It gives a smooth, professional finish.

TnA -Self adhesive van carpet lining

self adhesive van carpet lining

This one is a self-adhesive carpet that comes in a width of 1.4 meters. You can order per meter on amazon and choose from six colours.

This 4-way stretch carpet can mold around the wheel arches and with its self-adhesive quality, you can bypass all the hassles and health risks of spraying the glue.

VAN Lining benefits

Lining your van with carpet, insulation, and panels adds to its aesthetics but it has a lot of practical benefits. Let’s have them listed below

  • Thermal – In the extreme temperatures of summers, the lining controls the building up of excessive heat inside. Along with insulation, the effect is strong and it keeps the van cool. Similarly, it helps the van keep warm during winters and saves on heating costs.
  • Sound deadening – It prevents echoing or booming of the sounds within the van. Combined with a layer of insulation, it keeps the traffic and rattling sound away.
  • Look and Feel – Carpet makes the van more homely, comfortable, and cosy.

Best adhesive for van lining carpet

Adhesive is a critical component in the game of lining and insulating. There are a host of glues available on the market, mostly in the form of a spray.

It is important to choose the chemical that withstands the weather conditions as well as the weight of the carpet. The inside of a van can get very hot in the summer and some glues do not deal with heat well. Poor glue choice could lead to carpet peeling away.

There are many well-known brands to choose from however Trimfix is one of the most popular that is used by professional carpet liners.

When some glue is exposed to intense heat you may find your carpet sagging from the roof and walls. Hence high-temperature spray adhesives are the most preferred when it comes to carpet lining the van.

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