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Taking on the World, One mile at a time

Welcome to the travel section of The Transporter life, it is still early days for this section of the blog.

Here you will find handy travel tips, travel guides (UK and Europe) and all things relevant that we have gathered over the years from our Transporter travel experiences.

Travel History

We are now on our 3rd VW T4 and have covered a grand total of 177,978 miles! Recently we have introduced a VW Transporter T6 into our “mini VW” fleet for use on pan European adventures.

Van years

Cities Visited

Transporters owned

Miles Travelled

 Recent Travels

Our travels have been somewhat hindered for 2020 however we did manage a couple of short getaways between the national lockdowns when travel restrictions were temporarily lifted.

Lets hope for a brighter 2021!

What is the VW wave?

What is the VW wave?

The VW Wave introduction This is a great topic! If you are new to owning a VW Transporter of any year and model you may be wondering why random people are waving at you when out and about on the UK roads! The VW Transporter wave is exactly what you might imagine it...

TRANSPORTER Ferry classification

TRANSPORTER Ferry classification

Should I class my Transporter as a car, a van or a motor home? The Transporter ferry classification of both the VW T4 and T5 and more recently the T6 Transporters has long been debated when it comes to ferry crossings. VW Transporters start their life in different...

Which VW Transporters are ULEZ compliant

Which VW Transporters are ULEZ compliant

VW Transporters, ULEZ & LEZ Here we will take a look at Which VW Transporters are presently ULEZ & LEZ compliant. The growing areas of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zones) and LEZ (Low Emission zones) within the UK is becoming more and more of a consideration when...

Are vans safer than cars?

Are vans safer than cars?

A common question that comes up time and time again is what is the safest way to travel? Which vehicles really are the safest mode of transport? In this article let's take a look into whether vans are safer than cars. Vans vs Cars, which is safer? This is a very broad...

How many miles will a Transporter do?

How many miles will a Transporter do?

How many miles will a VW Transporter do? Many enthusiasts looking to purchase their first Transporter will ask the question, how many miles a Transporter will do as it is so common to see high figures quoted on the second-hand market. VW Transporter T4, T5 and T6 are...

VW Quiz

VW Quiz

The Transporter Life's VW quiz So you fancy your self as a VW enthusiast!? Lets put your knowledge to the test in our VW quiz. Maybe it’s a quiet afternoon and you’re looking for something fun for all the family? Perhaps you’re on a Zoom call across the miles? You...

Katie's 10 Tips & Tricks For UK Travel

The UK certainly is a phenomenal place to take a trip in a VW Campervan, here I will share with you my Top 10 VW Campervan tips to make the most out of your time.

We are from a small village in Shropshire, which is in the heart of England. Blessed with beautiful Hobbiton-like countryside in the Shire, we have wonderful experiences on our doorstep.

Our Upcoming Trips

We have a few trips planned for 2021 subject to travel restrictions being lifted. If you have any recommendations, please drop us a message.




Travel Gallery

Below are some of our favourite photos that we have gathered from UK VW Transporter holidays over the years.