Changing a VW transporter gear knob

Here we will review the best VW Transporter gear knob accessories that are presently available for T4 T5 and T6 Transporter models including a short guide on how to change the gear knob.

The gear knob is the component that makes the top attachment of a gear shift lever of manual and automatic transmission VW Transporter vans.

The standard Transporter gear knobs have a spring enclosed which wears out over time, it is fairly common practice to replace these on high mileage examples. (View eBay example here for a VW T5)

VW Transporter gear knob
Example 5 speed VW Transporter gear knob

Which gear knobs fit a VW Transporter

The good news is almost any gear knob can fit a VW Transporter as there are universal adaptors available very cheaply. You can view example adaptor prices HERE.

Once you have chosen your desired design of gear knob, you can buy the adaptors to fit. The most common sizes are 8mm,10mm,12mm

Example gear knob adaptors for VW Transporter

The standard knob that comes with a Transporter is generally plastic. The emblem over the knob has the gear numbers and diagram. Over the years the Transporter has been produced with different gear shift layouts and numbers.

Some have reverse in a different place and of cause some are automatics. Therefore make sure you take time in selecting the correct version that relates to your model – especially if you are replacing with one that has the numbers/reverse labelled.

Why change a Transporter gear knob

Over time, the knob surface wears out and owners usually want to replace it for sprucing up the interior of the van and give it a fresh look.

While some people simply want the knob to match the new theme of the converted van and enhance the overall aesthetics. A personalized interior adds to the driving pleasure.

The most common reasons to change your gear knob are listed below:

  • For aesthetics
  • A gift off a friend
  • To personalise your Transporter to match colour schemes
  • Replace damaged or worn out knobs
  • To improve driver comfort.
  • If you have changed your gear box to a different model Transporter

Finding the best VW transporter gear knob

Special gear shift knobs are offered by many aftermarket manufacturers. The best choice of a VW Transporter knob depends completely on your taste and needs.

Some people want a good grip while others have a preference for a particular material (like leather or wood) that gives a good feel.

The main decisions to make:

  • Improved grip/size or shape
  • A different material desired
  • Different colours or designs

Some knobs are made of aluminium, chrome steel, and even polymer resin. You need to pick the one that goes along with your dashboard and gives you a smooth and comfortable gear shifting experience.

How to change a VW Transporter gear knob

Here is a step by step process for replacing your gear knob

  • With your nails or any lever, pry off the cap of the existing gear knob.
  • The crosshead screw underneath is exposed (could be a T27 Torx bit or a T20)
  • Undo the screw with a screwdriver
  • Pull off the knob along with its spring from the lever
  • Prepare the replacement knob, (pop off its top if required)
  • Place it onto the top of the lever/gear head.
  • Insert the screw and tighten
  • In case the screw of the new knob is different, use the appropriate screwdriver
  • In case the knob doesn’t match the lever size, use adaptors (View example here)

After doing a lot of research, we have shortlisted some of the best knobs available that can help you give that sweet little touch to your van interiors.

Pool Ball Gear Knob

VW Transporter pool ball gear knob

This yellow stylish ball gives a retro feel to your driving experience.

This is an actual billiard ball drilled to fit your gear lever and is quite easy to fit. This reasonably priced product from an established seller is best suited for VW T4.

6 Speed* Universal Manual Car Gear Shift Knob

Standard VW Transporter gear knob for T6

This is a universal knob from AutoPark brand that can be used for all transporters (T4, T5, and T6) with manual 6-speed transmissions.

The black coloured knob, made of PU leather and aluminium, can go along well with your dashboard and has a pleasurable grip. It comes along with 3 plastic adapters (8mm,10mm,12mm)  and 4 small screws to give a perfect fit. 

The size is approx. 69mm x 50mm/2.72”x1.97”(Length x Width) and the hole diameter is 16mm/0.63″. This is durable stuff and easy to install.

Samurai pool ball gear knob:

best Transporter gear knob pool ball design

These are again designer knobs that can increase the style quotient of your converted transporter. Made from real pool balls, these knobs are specially designed for T5 and T6 but they still come with adapters to enable the lift for reverse.

You have quite a choice of vivid colours here. Made from solid polymer resin, the ball doesn’t get too cold in the winter and stays cosy. Very few knobs have complete fitting instructions enclosed.

pool ball gear knobs for VW Transporters

Make sure you have the Torx and Allen key for fitting it, which is really quick and easy.

Transporter VW Gear Knob

VW Gear knob for Transporter T5

For Volkswagen fanatics, this knob has the company’s famous logo etched with laser, on the cap. The customizable aluminium knob, made from solid aluminium, is suited for T5 and T6.

This ergonomically shaped piece is designed for comfort and control and gives a premium look and feel to your interior. And it is not just all about aesthetics. The knob claims to make the gear shifting smoother.

For a hassle-free and quick installation, it comes along with complete instructions and a TORX bit.

VW T6 Transporter Auto/DSG Gear Knob Side Styling Caps

VW T6 Auto gear knob

These are actually side styling caps for those who want to jazz up the existing knob instead of replacing it.

These matt chrome caps are modified from OEM and the beautiful accessory changes the appearance of the dull plastic, giving a luxury look to your interiors.

The supplier Van x is into van conversions and providing accessories for 10 years. The seamless fitment of the cap makes it look like the original part while giving a high-end look to your van interior.


VW T4 Gear stick extender

This is an entire stick that serves as a stylish chrome extension for the gear lever.

This polished extender is easy to fit and helps the gear reach out further to you so you don’t have to lean forward. It is extremely easy to fit and especially suited for T4.

T5 & T5.1 5 Speed Gear Knob & Gator Full Kit

VW T5 gear knob stick and full gator

This is a leather gator, full kit meant for 5 speed T5 and T1.5. It contains a rubber gear knob with a leather-look gator, 5 Speed chrome & black cap, spring & screw.

But the good part is that you can purchase individual items if you don’t need the entire kit. A good value for money.


VW T5 gear knob full effect in wood

If you have a taste for vintage, go for this one. This beautifully crafted gear knob gives a classic wood effect finish to your gear area. It fits all models of 5 speed and 6 speed VW Transporter / Caravelle.

The seller also offers grab handle covers and handbrake sleeve to complete the look.


Standard sportline VW gear knob

If you love luxury this is the knob for you which of course comes with a price. The genuine leatherette 6-speed gear knob is best suited for your T5 Sportline.

To add a contrast to the leather, the gear shift emblem is surrounded by chrome which looks aesthetic.

ENET Shift Stick Gear Knob 5 Speed

OEM 5 speed VW Gear knob

This black colored 5-speed chrome and black cap is amazon’s choice and is obviously a value for money to enhance the interiors of your T5 and T5.1.

This made in Hong Kong knob is easy to fit and looks perfect on your gear.

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