Why is the VW Transporter so popular?

A lot of prospective buyers research the question “Is the VW Transporter a good van?” Let us delve a bit deeper into the history of the VW Transporter and why it is one of the most popular and iconic vans of all time.

A brief history of the VW Transporter

To understand why the VW Transporter is so popular now, we need to first understand a bit about its history.

The VW Transporter is now entering its 7th generation, the models are known as T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 and now the latest released 2023 is surprisingly branded the T7!

The Transporter has been running since the 1960’s and is the longest production van on record.

The key reasons that the Transporter has been so popular is its renowned reliability, versatility and practicality. The VW Transporter appeals to so many demographics because of the amount of variations that it has been sold in over the years. It can be purchased as a panel van, MPV, 4 wheel drive, Sport Trim, Kombi (a 5 seater with removable seats)

You can read more details of the various models – VW Transporter Models Explained

VW Transporters hold their value well

Due to the popularity (and life life expectancy) of the range, the VW Transporter holds its second hand value extremely well. It is one of the best vans in terms of resale value. You can take a look at some of the typical second hand market values of the models here

Most panel van variants are snapped up second hand for conversion into campervans. The same goes for the Kombi, Caravelle and Shuttle models.

It is that common to convert these vans into campervans that it is now rare to find an older model VW T4 still in it’s original trim for example.

VW Transporter campervan conversions

VW Transporters are the most popular van to convert into a camper. This is partly due to the availability of aftermarket components that are built perposfully for the models but also due to the long life expectancy of the major componets.

The VW Transporter is not “simpller to convert” than other vans (the job is about the same no matter which small/mid van you choose) – it is a popular choice simply because people see them as a good investment. A converted Transporter will typically add more value than a converted Transit/Master/Vito.

How many miles will a Transporter do?

This question is asked so often that I have dedicated an entire article to it – How many miles will a Transporter do?

So is the VW Transporter a good van?

The answer to this question is of course going to have considerable bias. Absolutely it is a great van. The key is to buy a well maintained example if you are picking up a second hand model. Make sure you read the common problems before jumping at the first model you see as each have their pros and cons. You can read more on the most popular models below:

Did you know?

Did you know that there is such thing as the VW Transporter wave? If you buy a VW Transporter you are buying into one big familiy of fanatics. If you Transporter is slightly different to the norm you can expect a few waves from fellow fanatics – especially the campervan converted crew.

This sense of family and friendliness is another reason that VW fans will buy a Transporter time and time again despite the higher purchase price.

The older/more unique your VW Transporter the more appreciation you will get from fellow fanatics. You can read more on the VW Wave here – What is the VW wave?

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