Where to hire a camper van UK

The popularity of Campervans has been growing for many years in the UK especially the VW Campervan! It is a great way to see a country and gives flexibility of travel with an element of comfort and quality. We shall explore the best ways to hire a campervan in the UK

With the growth of campervan rentals in the UK the choice has become significant. The arrival of Campervan travel guides in the UK has seen a huge boom in its popularity. If you haven’t yet got a campervan guide I highly recommend the one here which gives a lot of inspriring places to visit in England and Wales.

We will look at the best places to hire a Camper van in the Uk, cost to hire and which campervan to choose for your journey

Hire a campervan UK

Where to hire a Campervan in the uk

Your starting location is of course going to have a big bearing on where you choose to hire your campervan from. If you are flying into the UK you will want somewhere convenient to the airport that you arrive at.

campervan for hire in the uk

Private campervan hire – Goboony

A popular camper  van hire company that has been growing rapidly over the years and offer a lot of choice in the UK is Goboony.

They essentially connect private campervan owners to people looking to rent a camper van. A very similar idea to AirBnB but on wheels!

As you are hiring from a private owner there are a few pros and cons to bear in mind.

Private campervan hire – Camplify

Another popular site for Campervan hire in the UK is Camplify. They are very similar to Goboony in that they connect private owners to private renters.

There is a lot of choice with Camplify in all shapes and sizes including Caravans. The prices are set by the owners them selves and you can pick up some good deals especially out of season.

The Pro’s and Cons of using Camplify are the same as Goboony. Check with the owners about your intended use and your journey ahead of making the booking. It is very common to see certain restrictions that the owners put in place.

A common list of limitations (but not exhaustive) include:

  1. Excluding pets
  2. Excluding festivals (especially Glastonbury and other large events)
  3. Hire usually excludes certain contents (Bring your own linen etc)
  4. Minimum age of hirer
  5. Minimum number of nights hire
  6. Mileage limitations

It is therefore very advisable that you make contact well before the rental to ensure that you expectations are aligned with the individual renting you the Campervan.

Classic VW campervan

Pros of private campervan hire in the UK

  1. A lot more choice with some very personalised options and high spec vehicles to choose from
  2. It is nationwide so there are campervans in most areas of the country to choose from
  3. The cost is relatively low compared to commercial rentals
  4. You get to meet the owner and get a personalised service when it comes to tips and tricks of the vehicle you are hiring
  5. Generally private rentals will be maintained to an exceptional standard as the owners are enthusiasts them selves.

Cons of private campervan hire in the UK

  1. You are potentially hiring someone’s pride and joy who may be a little more protective over the use of the vehicle than a standard hire company.  
  2. It is exceptionally important to take time to check the vehicle over with the owner when collecting and dropping off. Check interior and exterior thoroughly including moving parts such as pop tops and rock and roll beds.
  3. The service may not be as professional as going via a rental company.
  4. Maybe more restrictive in the use of the vehicle.
  5. Private campervan hire – Goboony

Check the insurance

When hiring privately it is also advisable to check the insurance details. Most have standard clause for Age, Named drivers, Country of travel etc but there are quite frequently exclusions that you need to be very mindful of.

campervan hire uk

Exclusions of some insurers:

  1. Overhead damage exclusion (IE if you drive it into the arch of a bridge…)
  2. Underbody damage (IE caused by rough roads/campsites)
  3. Use of a vehicle that is unroadworthy (this is a broad area so make sure you do your own checks on tyres etc)
  4. Some areas cover can be restricted if they are known to be prone to flooding

Whether you take out the insurance recommended by the hirer them selves or take out fully comprehensive insurance via a 3rd party make sure you check these things thoroughly as campervans can be extremely expensive things to repair.

Commercial Campervan rental companies in the UK

There is a lot of choice when it comes to commercial companies hiring campervans of all types. The starting point of your journey will again dictate to you the companies that would be best suited to you.

Campervans on a park

Pro’s of hiring a campervan from a commercial company

  1. More formal standards for vehicle collection and drop off times as well as procedures.
  2. Flexibility of hire is usually greater with less restrictions in place
  3. Insurance is usually comprehensive and included in the price you pay (but again check the small print for exclusions)
  4. Fair wear and tear is usually a bit more forgiving by commercial rental companies as they factor this into their prices/running costs and are less attached to the vehicle.
  5. Break Downs do happen but if you go with a commercial outfit there is a better chance that they will have replacement vehicles available in the event of a major problem.

Con’s of hiring a campervan from a commercial company

  1. The availability is sometimes quite restricted during peak times. As they have a limited fleet it is advisable to book well ahead
  2. As the vehicles are owned commercially they won’t usually be as bespoke in design as renting privately
  3. Interior design of commercial rentals will usually be aimed at easy maintenance/low wear and tear so likely will be more basic.
  4. Restrictions on times of collection/drop off can be a negative if you are expecting late arrivals. Most will accommodate this however if you contact them in advance.

Below is a list of popular campervan hire options in the UK by location with rough prices based on a week for 2 adults in offpeak season to give you an idea of budget.

There is a wide range of Campervans and Motor homes on offer from smaller VW Transporters right the way up to motorhomes that can sleep 10 people.

Campervan motorhome

Campervan hire UK Nationwide

https://www.goboony.co.uk/ – Various prices

https://www.camplify.co.uk/Various prices

https://www.camptoo.co.uk/  From £75 per night

https://www.leisurerentalsdirect.com/ From £42 per night

https://www.quirkycampers.co.uk/wales/? – From £71 per night

Campervan hire in Midlands

https://leisurevehiclerentals.co.uk/ – Telford 7 Days £360 off peak

https://www.bunkcampers.com/ – Birmingham 7 Days £385 off peak

https://www.midlandmotorhomes.co.uk/ – Worcestershire £590 off peak

https://www.unbeatablehire.com/– Birmingham – Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

https://mmchire.co.uk/ – Worcestershire- Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

https://www.freedhome.co.uk/ – Midlands 7 Days  £500 off peak

Midlands scenic view

Campervan hire in North England

https://www.bunkcampers.com/ – Leeds 7 Days £385 off peak

https://www.goatroadtrip.com/ -Leeds 7 Days £599 off peak

https://www.unbeatablehire.com/– Barnsley – Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

https://www.yorkshiremotorhomehire.co.uk/ Hull 7 Days £550 off peak

https://www.yorkshirecoastcaravans.co.uk/ Bridlington 7 Days  £595 off peak

https://www.freedhome.co.uk/ – Yorkshire7 Days  £500 off peak

North England scenic view hire a campervan uk

Campervan hire in South England

https://landcruise.uk.com/ – West Sussex 7 Days £400 off peak

https://lunamotorhomehire.co.uk/ – Aylesbury Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

http://www.saxonsmotorhomes.co.uk/ – Kent Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

https://www.swcamperhire.com/ – Exeter  7 Days £475 off peak

https://www.daysmotorhomes.co.uk/ Exeter – 7 Days £525 off peak

Brighton scenic view

Campervan hire in Wales

https://www.angleseycampers.co.uk/ – Anglesey – Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

https://prontomotorhomes.co.uk/ Caerphilly – Personalised quotes depending on vehicle and season

https://www.daysmotorhomes.co.uk/ Swansea – 7 Days £525 off peak

https://www.sunshinecampers.co.uk/ – Bridgend – 7 Days £700 off peak

Wales scenic view

Campervan hire in Scotland

https://www.roseislemotorhomehire.com/ Edinburgh – 7 Days £894 off peak

https://openroadscotland.com/ – Paisley – 7 Days £595 off peak

https://www.scottishtourer.co.uk/ Edinburgh & Glasgow 7 Days £825 off peak

https://www.dicksonsofperth.co.uk/ – Perth – From £125 per day

https://www.campsiecampers.co.uk/ – Stirling – From £80 per day

Scotland scenic view

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