Introduction to campervan curtains

Finding the best curtains for a campervan conversion such as the Transporter is usually one of the finishing touches required to complete the interior of your van.

Most commonly campervan curtains are fitted to Transporters in the UK either using cutain sliders or magnetic van curtains which are slightly easier to install.

Best curtains for a campervan
Curtains installed in a VW Transporter

Most campervan curtains are actually generic fitments, so long as you get enough fabric the main choice you need to make is whether you go with adhesive fixings (View example) or suction cups (View example). For a more permanent installation you can also buy sliders that screw to the frame of your window.

A popular option is also installing purpose made campervan blackout curtains which offer a better night sleep and boast improved thermal properties for use in the summer (To keep the heat out).

Campervan curtains are a great, low cost way to improve the soft asthetics, privacy and thermal insulation properties for camping in both hot and cold climates.

In the following passage, we will discuss the A to Z of van curtains and review the best campervan curtains for a VW Transporter T4 T5 and T6 conversions as well as other universal campervan curtain options.

Best fabric for camper curtains

  • They must be easy to fit and remove
  • They must be easy to draw and fold
  • They should block the lights well so that you get a good sleep
  • They must be stylish and look great
  • They can insulate your van to keep it warm in winters and/or night.
  • They can block UV rays and reflect sunlight to keep your van cool in the day and/or summers.
  • They should preferably be waterproof and fireproof.
  • They can give you a homely feel

What to look for when selecting your curtains?

  • Check out the fabric. Apart from quality and endurance look for light blocking properties.
  • Buy the right size if it is not tailored for your model.
  • The colour and style should go along with your van’s interior.
  • A windshield included in the curtain set is always helpful
  • The fitting material and instructions should be easily available
  • Select fire resistant materials where ever possible, espetially if you have cooking facilities within your campervan

What are the different types of curtains?

  • Curtains that slide on rails
  • Magnetic blinds/curtains
  • Shields used to reflect the sunlight and insulate the interiors. Can be fitted by suction cups.
  • Black out curtains

Top VW Transporter T4 Curtains

STee Free

This is a 4 piece light grey coloured curtain set tailored for T4. The package includes one full-length curtain each for the left and right side and one for the rear gate.

VW T4 curtains

They can be simply clipped to the pop-off buttons of T4 but even if it’s another van, you can install them easily with the self-drilling screws that come along. They are made of high-quality garments and are available for both wheelbase sizes.

Inside a VW Transporter T4 curtains


These are 5 ply thermal blinds made of thermally insulated reflective material that ensures good privacy. The silver reflection keeps your van cool in summers and the insulation keeps it warm in winters.

VW T4 best curtains

The pack of 3 blinds consists of one for the windscreens and one each for side windows. They can be easily fitted by the strong suction cups that are included with the set.

JJ accessory

These universal Campervan window shades are stretchable and can fit all models of transporters. The aluminum foil on the front acts as a reflector.

Universal campervan suction blinds

You can buy them individually for each window and are easy to fit with the suction cups. However, since they are retractable, the suction cups are vulnerable to being pulled off.

Top VW Transporter T5 Curtains


These 5 ply thermal blinds are suitable for both T5 and T6. The multi-layer material is durable enough and is tested from  -20°C to +50°C which means it’ll keep your van warm in winters and cool in summers.

VW T5 curtains

The 3 piece set of silver reflective blinds consists of 1 for the windscreen and 2 for side windows and can be easily fitted with the extra-strong black suction cups. A storage bag is provided with them.  The good part is that spare suction cups are also available in a pack of 10.

VW T5 blinds


This is a value for money curtain set that provides insulation, privacy, and security. It includes a set of internal cab silver screens too. A detailed installation video is available online which makes the fitting really easy.

Curtains inside a Transporter combi day van

However, the poppers of the curtains are put randomly and need some adjustments.

Trend universal campervan curtains

These are proper home curtains made of 100% polyester. You can choose the right size for your converted van, from a host of sizes available and listed on amazon.

Universal campervan curtains

To add the style quotient you can buy matching valance too. The curtains come in pairs of two along with the tie backs.

Top VW Transporter T6 Curtains


Made from a stretch fabric, this is a day/night curtain that comes in a set of three – one for the windscreen and two for the sides. The company also provides optional rear curtains that sync with these.

VW T6 curtains

They are thin and flexible that makes them very easy to roll up. You can remove and stove them under the seat, when not in use.

To fit them, you need to drill a hole on the rail since they are too big for popper fitting. Also, they don’t work as insulators.


These grey colored curtains act as reflectors on the outside and insulators from inside and made of 7 layers of isoflex. They are suitable for both T6 and T5 and can be easily fitted with suction cups.

Thermal campervan curtains

The 3 piece set includes curtains for the windscreen and side windows.

Thermal campervan blinds

Kiravan generic

These are generic DIY curtains for T6 and other vans that have a 140cm rail and 68cm drop. They can be stretched to 82 cm. Each pack contains a set of 2 curtains, 2 rails, and 2 tie backs.

Camper curtains and rail

They are easy to fix with the self-tapping screws that sit below the super-strong gliders in the rail.

VW Transporter T6 curtains

How do you fit VW Transporter curtains?

Let’s look at the installation process of the most common type of curtain fitting which is the curtain track

  1. Take the top rail that comes along the curtain, place it in the right position and mark the holes with a marker
  2. Drill the holes (usually 2mm) and screw the rails with the supplied screws
  3. Repeat this with the bottom rail
  4. Slide the caps/track pieces in the groove in the rails
  5. Fix the supplied stoppers at the rail ends
  6. Fit the curtains on the caps/track pieces with the poppers
  7. Fix tie-backs to the curtains if you want to keep them in place.

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