Changing the VW T6 three-seater bench

Is it possible to change the 2+1 rear seat configuration in a VW T6 Kombi to a triple bench or vice versa? This is a very quick article to answer what should be an amazingly simple, yet commonly asked question! How easy is it to change or swap the seats?

Simple answer

I am afraid it is not as simple as you might expect to swap the standard factory trim triple seat bench to the alternative VW T6 standard 2 + 1 seat configuration.

The floor mounting points that are installed at the VW factory are different on the three-seater bench models verses the 2+1 configuration models. They aren’t even slightly similar.

Will the VW T6 2+1 seat swap with the 3 seater bench model?
The 2+1 seat layout in the VW T6

The 2+1 seat layout in the VW T6 has 4 mounting points compared to the 2 found on the three seat bench model

Three seat layout in a T6 does not swap with a 2+1
The triple bench layout in the VW T6 only has two centre floor mounts.


It is a very popular question amongst VW T6 owners. The 2+1 seat configuration arguably gives more options when it comes to the vehicle use.

The fact that the single seat pops in and out and is relatively light weight creates a handy space down the side of the VW T6 for carrying longer objects such as Bicycles, Kayaks or Timber!

Mounting points in the VW T6 2+1 are different to the triple bench models
The extra floor mounting points found in the 2+1 T6 configuration

So how hard is it to change from a triple to 2+1 seat?

Ok, so it’s not easy but here is the longer answer… Yes it is possible to change the 2+1 rear seat configuration in a VW T6 to a triple bench or vice versa.

Unfortunately it is a pretty hard process and if we are being honest, not many people pursue the change in the end. Partly due to how awkward the task is but also the cost of the 2+1 seats is still fairly high even on the second-hand market.

How to change the VW T6 rear seats

To change the rear seat of a VW T6 Kombi you will be removing the old mounting points (which will leave a hole in your factory fitted rubber floor) and then drilling new holes to install the seat mounts in the correct location.

The process is made more awkward as to remove the old mounts/install new ones you will need good access to the underside of your T6 to remove the belly protectors and drop the fuel tank a few inches to get good visibility of the underside of the floor and the underside mounting nuts.

In a nutshell, you may as well be installing a totally different seat or rock and roll bed as the work involved is on par.

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