Find the best TV for your campervan

It is becoming increasingly common for campervan conversions such as the Transporter and Bongo to include some sort of campervan TV system for evening and wet day entertainment when out and about. Some of the best campervan TV systems available to the UK will be explored in this article.

People spend substantial time in their campervans whilst travelling and a TV is an added luxury that is now very affordable in the UK.


  • Manufacturer - KOQIO
  • 22 inch Ultra Thin
  • 1920*1080 HD Resolution
  • Roof Mounted flip down tv
  • MP5 Player for Car SD MP3 MP4 LED with FM Transmitter USB

  • Manufacturer - Xtrons
  • 17.3 Inch 16:9 Ultra-thin
  • 1920*1080 HD Resolution
  • Roof Mounted flip down tv
  • 130 Degree Rotating Screen

  • Manufacturer - Lhcar
  • 17.3 Inch
  • 1920*1080 HD Resolution
  • Roof Mounted flip down tv
  • AV input, AV output, Bulit-in HDMI Slot input.

  • Manufacturer- Unbranded
  • 240V AC or 12V DC
  • Wall Mounted Monitor
  • HDMI In, AV In/Out, USB PVR & Media Player

  • Manufacturer - Digital Tec
  • DIGITAL TV aerial
  • Roof mounted - Easy set up
  • Magnetic Mount Base
  • Omni-direction high gain antenna

The internal campervan, built for accommodation, is ideal for expeditions and camping trips. After a fulfilling day of exploring around in a campervan, it’d be icing on the cake to be able to put your feet up and watch the TV.

Never miss that important football game or wimbledon tournament again!

We live in an age where it is easy to consume media on the move on a host of devices. Technology offers numerous ways to watch your favourite shows – even when you’re parked up in a campervan in the middle of nowhere.

If you have a larger campervan then it is worth considering a small standard LCD style TV that can be paired with an antenna such as the one below.

This set up will give you high quality viewing with great signal almost anywhere.

These are ideal for use in low reception areas

There is a lot of choice when it comes to rge best campervan TV systems, especially finding ones that will work will with a split charge system off grid.

So in this article, we’ve done the research for you that can guide you in buying the best campervan TV system for your intended use.

Finding the best campervan TV specifications

To run a TV in your campervan and access your favourite programs and sports, you need to consider the following accessories depending on the features of your TV

Mazda bongo TV
A well placed TV in a Mazda Bongo centre console
  • Campervan TV’s that run on 12v require a split charge system of some description. If you do not have this then there are a lot of Camping TV’s that run on long life rechargeable batteries that can be charged via the cigarette lighter socket
  • The requirement of voltage and draw increases with the size and power needs of the TV.
  • Consider a USB stick or external hard drive – For playing offline content in remote areas.
  • External speakers – Your TV might or might not have inbuilt speakers. In either case, using external speakers enhances the sound. Typically the flip down TV’s have very poor stand alone inbuilt speakers.
  • Freeview box/Freeview tuner and booster  – For watching Freeview TV
  • DVD Player – Some TVs do have it inbuilt
  • TV mounting brackets
  • External aerial to enhance the reception if you intend on watching live TV

Different Campervan TV set ups

Here is a list the different types of popular campervan tv system choices

  • Portable Freeview campervan TV’s
  • Portable Freeview campervan TV’s with inbuilt DVD players
  • All in one Campervan TV’s
  • Flip down Campervan TV’s
  • Headrest mounted TV’s (Designed for use in transit)
  • Laptops converted for TV use

We will cover these differences in detail below.

Portable Freeview TV systems

This is the most versatile kind of TV for campervan use. Usually having a screen size of around 10”.

Portable TVs have inbuilt signal receptors, USB slots to record directly from the TV and to playback stored files.

portable freeview campervan tv system

The example above runs on a rechargeable battery giving around 290 minutes between recharges which is enough for a long weekend off grid for most! It can be recharged via cigarette lighter sockets if you are off grid.

These have the added benefit of being totally mobile so can be carried to the beach etc if you really had the need.

Due to its size, you might need to consider an external aerial in places of weak signal.

Campervan television systems with DVD players

A campervan TV that plays DVD’s is a good idea for places with poor signal. Most campervan televisions will therefore aim to have some sort of back up media such as a DVD player or USB type drive to play movies.

These come in all shapes and sizes also to give a rich viewing experience depending on preference.

portable campervan tv system

The example above can run on 240 V AC and 12 V DC and also has an inbuilt battery if you are unable to connect to power for a short period.

With this being portable, you can use this versatile device like a regular television when at home and then take it along on the move.

Along with the inbuilt DVD player, it also has a digital Freeview receiver, giving you enormous choices in viewing.

All in one Campervan TVs

As the name suggests, these TV systems have Freeview tuners as well as satellite receivers. Some also have inbuilt DVD players however most are moving more towards soft streaming with the latest technologies and mass storage devices.

best all in one campervan tv system
A very high quality system for those with a bigger budget

This high-end TV can be wall mounted within a campervan setting. It also has ports for HDMI, PC, AV, etc. It is a dual voltage wall-mounted TV that can be used for home as well as traveling

Flip down TV for campervan

These TVs are designed to be roof mounted and fold up neatly when in transit. They then can then be flipped down to watch.

These are most popular in VW Transporter or Bongo sized campervan conversions as they are compact and well protected by their hard casing from accidental knocks.

They are a more permanent fixture to your campervan as they are usually use a screw mount that is permanently fixed to your interior and wired to a 12v supply.

That said, I have seen them installed using very strong velcro (such as this), making them a little more portable if desired.

best flip down campervan tv system

They may or may not be fitted with an in-built DVD player and usually have all the ports needed to plug in accessories such as speakers, aerials and freeview boxes.

The more expensive ones have inbuilt wifi to stream online platforms such as Netflix etc

Headrest mounted campervan television

These campervan televisions are smaller, usually around 10” and can be easily fitted on the headrest with the help of a mount.

In such seatback systems, there is usually more than one monitor to give a personalized experience to individual viewers who use earphones.

I have seen these low cost systems used in Transporters with pop tops where you might choose to give the kids access to their own entertainment and have something different showing in the lower living area.

Headrest mounted campervan tv system

They can be connected with DVD players and TV receivers.


Well, if you don’t want to invest in a TV, you can easily use your laptop as a TV on the move.

All you need to buy is a USB Freeview PC TV tuner.

By inserting this dongle in the USB slot of your laptop, you can watch, record, and pause digital Freeview TV. And you don’t need an internet connection for it. You can also connect it to an external aerial to maximize signal reception in remote areas.

What is the best TV for a campervan?

Listing four top pick TVs for your campervan:

  1. Xtrons® 17.3 Inch campervan roof-mounted TV (View price)
  2. Lhcar 17.3″ campervan ceiling monitor (View price)
  3. LED Digital HD 14″ campervan TV (View price)
  4. Koqio 22″ flip down entertainment system (View price)

XTRONS® 17.3 Inch roof-mounted campervan TV

Product Link: Amazon Link

This is a full HD TV with a TFT monitor and a big-enough screen for watching your favourite shows.

The roof-mounted monitor, with a discreet and stylish look, can be rotated by 130 degrees and has an elegant touch panel.

It supports both positive and negative door control which means if your campervan has the door control wire, the lights on this unit can be automatically turned on or off depending on door status.

With its simple wiring, it can be seamlessly integrated with your campervans interior.


  • Built-in IR Transmitter allows you to enjoy audio files with wireless headphones. It supports dual channel.
  • Built-in FM Transmitter can send the audio signal from the headrest to the other radio receiver (stereo), then you can share the audio with other people.


  • This monitor doesn’t come with a built-in speaker, you will have to output sound through other options.
  • The screen might sometimes have lines through it
  • No built-in DVD drive

Lhcar 17.3″ campervan flip down tv

Product Link: Amazon Link

This is a robust flip-down roof-mounted monitor that can display NTSC as well as PAL formats in 1080P. It has an HDMI slot and its built-in AV input and output can connect with other devices in the van.


  • With a DVD function monitor, IR transmitter, and FM transmitter it packs many hi-tech features needed
  • Also has a roof light which is great for night lighting on campervan conversions and saves on the wiring


  • Amazon fire stick doesn’t work with it
  • It doesn’t have a built-in speaker

14 Inch LED digital HD wall mount campervan TV

Product Link: Amazon Link

This is one of the most popular van TVs in the market.

The 14” LED offers inbuilt Freeview HD and all Europe free to air TV along with an FM tuner.

The versatile device can be used in your kitchen as well as motorhomes, caravans, lorry, truck, and boats. It can be powered by 240V AC or 12V DC. The cigarette lighter 12V power lead is included.


  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Can play all video formats and can record TV programs
  • Its Integrated DVB T/T2 receiver allows it to receive the signals of the digital terrestrial and analog television in the UK, all Europe, Africa, and Australia.


  • The 220v plug that comes with the package doesn’t fit the TV. You’ll have to buy an adapter.

KOQIO campervan flip down entertainment system:

Product Link: Amazon Link

This ultra-thin, flip-down, roof mount monitor is an impressive vehicle system for long road trips.

The display supports a wide range of viewing angles and can be viewed clearly from the sides as well as the back seats. The slim and compact TV fits in the minimum space of your vehicle and is suitable for a coach, tourist bus, minibus, van, minivan, CV, MPV, SUV, boat, yacht, etc.


  • Supports USB, HDMI, SD, and FM.
  • The screen can be flipped up and down 135 degrees.


  • Doesn’t support infrared IR.
  • No built-in speakers
  • Cannot support bluetooth headphones


Best TV for VW campervan

One of the best VW campervan TV’s is the Koqio campervan flip down entertainment system. This suits the VW Campervan due to its compact flip down design yet still delivers a great viewing experiance with it 22″ display.

Flip down designed TV’s work very well in VW Tranporters

The 22£ 1080p HD display is biigger and better than the majority of other systems in the same price bracket and it has an impressive list of compatibilty accepting SD and USD that will play MP3, MP4 and MP5 files.

It has a Multimedia Player, FM function and USB card, etc.

Best TV aerial for VW campervan

To get a good signal at most camp sites in the UK you will ideally need some form of portable aerial. A popular one for VW Tranporters is the gadget manufactured by Digital Tec.

You have probably seen these on campsites already if you are a regular camper.

This is an outdoor suction base antenna booster for HDTV. Ideal for your campervan signal boosting.

best portable aerial for ve 

The suction base designed aerials are the best way to to mount to VW Transporters as they can easily be removed. You don’t want this permanently mounted to your van!

Best 12v TV for campervan

Most campervan TV’s will either run or charge on 12V (depending on the model) so there is no right or wrong answer to this.

Generally 12V TV’s can be found up to around 24″, anything over this will require a 240V feed so will only work on campsites with power.

A popular and versatile 12v TV is the Koqio that we have reviewed above. The Koqio gives a very good quality 22″ display for the price tag and is also ceiling mounted.

Best flip down TV mount for campervan

If you decide to buy a standard style Campervan TV that doesn’t have the inbuilt flip down function, you can still adapt your TV to be flipdown with the use of this bracket.

Electrosmart do a good ceiling TV bracket mount with tilt & rotate for 13” to 23” monitor and it is less than £20.

Just a note for this however, when in motion you will probably need some form of securing device to hold the TV in its upright postion.

Flip down campervan tv mount

This mount is fairly ridged however on heavy bumps you will find that your TV flips down on its own which isn’t great for the TV or the mount.

As a simple fix I have seen bungees used however you may want to consider something a bit more astheically pleasing.

Best portable aerial for campervan

For smaller campervans such as the Transporter or Bongo then the Digital Tec is a fantastic option for you as they are easily added to the roof of your vehicle when not in motion.

If you are in a bigger campervan conversion such as a Crafter or Sprinter then you will probably want a more permanent solution like the Vision plus on eBay.

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