What is the best VW festival in the UK?

Our top 5 reviewed best VW festival events in the UK are:

  1. Busfest
  2. Volksfest Wales
  3. Camper Jam
  4. Brighton Breeze
  5. Big Bang Santa pod

Which VW Festivals are still happening in 2020?

Unfortunately all of the top festivals reviewed here have been cancelled for 2020 due to Covvid 19. The latest cancellation was Busfest which we were really hoping would still go ahead.

Top 5 Best VW Festivals in the UK reviewed

With so many VW festivals to choose from in the UK it is important to know which ones are the best so that you can focus your weekends accordingly! We have taken time to review each of the biggest and best VW shows in the UK.

Of course, everyone’s opinion on what is best will differ depending on their preferences. Some of you will be looking for the best Family VW events and others will be looking for the loudest, biggest, festivals with music, beer and bbq’s!

We have tried to assess each VW event on it’s merits and will give you enough information to make up your own mind on whether you agree with us.

VW Festival

Whole weekend Price (20/21)

Venue Size


Pet friendly


  • Adults £50

  • Camping -  Per vehicle £20

  • 0-16 yrs £0 

  • Adults £48

  • 5-16 yrs £7.50

  • Under 5's free


  • Adults £35

  • 0-16 yrs £0 

  • Drag Strip £25

  • Adults £35

  • 0-15 yrs £0 

Camper Jam VW Festival UK

The event

Camper Jam is based at Western Park in Shropshire and is aimed at families and VW enthusiasts. There is a mix of live bands playing over 3 days (Friday through to Sunday).

The atmosphere is friendly with activities for all ages. Activities include live music, discos, Dog show, Fancy dress themed parties and of course the VW show it’s self with lots of different VW’s on display where you can walk around/take photos and speak to the owners!

Dogs are also welcome to attend the Camper Jam show however must be kept on the lead and in the presence of the owner at all times so you cannot leave your pet tied up anywhere.

There are some areas that are restricted to dogs after certain times. Typically, the cut off for access to the marquees is 8pm and of course any mess made by them must be cleared up.

Camping at the Festival

The Western Park campsite itself has a few key rules that are typical to VW events. These rules include – No fires, No fireworks, BBQ’s must be raised from the ground, no private generators, no motorised scooters/skateboards/ bikes allowed other than those required for a disability.

Campervans and Caravans are welcomed but are brought onto site at the owner’s discretion.

Camper Jam allow you to bring alcohol with you but request that no glass bottles are brought on site. There are checks for this when you arrive.

As it is a family event consumption must be responsible and they tow a pretty hard line with any antisocial behaviour associated with this or anything else that would be deemed inappropriate for the venue.

Security/First aid at the Festival

There is 24 hour security and staff people patrolling the site. It feels very secure. You can also go to the main gates if you have any problems where you can talk with security personnel.

There is also a medical team available 24 hours a day normally located by the main entertainment area however double check this when you arrive as things do sometimes move around year to year.

Typical event time line

The event normally runs Friday to Sunday and typically is held the first weekend of July each year. Campers are allowed access to the site from Friday -12 noon onward.

No camping is allowed on the Thursday evening before the event or Sunday evening after the event. Day tickets are available to purchase Saturday and Sunday only.

Trade stands at the Festival

The 2021 line up has over 30 Food stands and over 90 trade stands of all varieties

Festival Costs for 2021

Whole weekend

£48 adults  Children 5-16 £7.50 Under 5’s Free

Brighton Breeze Rally VW Festival UK

The event

Brighton Breeze is an open road event where VW enthusiasts drive in convoy starting from Epsom and ending at Brighton in East Sussex. It is great fun! The VW event is usually towards the end of September each year.

Those that want to can camp on the Friday night (normally at Hook Road Arena) in Epsom and after the rally/Saturday event on the Saturday, can camp at the Brighton Rugby Grounds in Brighton.

Some VW festival goers choose to just attend the rally on the Saturday, and some choose to just go direct to the show at Maderia Drive in Brighton. Whether you choose to do the rally or just the show the organisers make everyone feel very welcome.

The actual show is held on the Saturday on Maderia Drive in Brighton where there is always plenty of trade stands, competitions (called the “Show and Shine!” as well as entertainment that is catered towards the whole family.

Parking can be a challenge so be sure to plan ahead.

The Brighton Breeze is a family event where dogs are also welcome. The usual rules apply however, and you are expected to clean up after them and keep them on the lead as per site rules on the day.

The Rally

The Rally itself is for all and any VW enthusiasts however it is set up and organised by the Split Screen Van Club therefore a large proportion of the convoy is made up of Split Screen VW’s.

In recent years however the convoy has been made up of all sorts of VW vehicles ranging from VW Transporters through to VW beetles of all age and variety. It really is a spectacular sight.

The organisers arrange a venue at each end of the rally to camp however some choose to pick a camp site themselves if they prefer a different alternative.

Camping at the Festival

As there is camping at different sites (Epsom and Brighton) the rules may differ slightly, and it is best to check with the event organisers. However typically the normal campsite rules and etiquette apply.

Alcohol is welcome but be responsible, Dogs are welcome but be responsible, BBQ’s are allowed but must be raised from the ground and no campfires permitted. Anti-social behaviour is not tolerated and is monitored closely at each venue.

Bear in mind that it is a family event so be respectful of music/noise levels at both sites.

Busfest VW Festival UK

The event

Busfest is held at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern, Worcestershire each year usually the first or second weekend in September. It is one of the worlds biggest VW Transporter shows in the world and a is considered the best Vw show by enthusiasts.

As Busfest is such a large event it caters for the whole family. The show grounds is absolutely huge (90 acres to be precise) and a typical programme there includes more trade stands than you can shake a stick at, a fair ground as well as children entertainers.

There is live music, stunt shows as well the vehicle shows that are categorised by van type (T4’s T5’s, Split screens and so many more!). There are various competitions including a show and shine and an awards presentation usually on the last day (Sunday).

The event runs from the Friday through to the Sunday and offers camping for those that want to stay the whole weekend. You can also just buy day tickets if you cannot stay the whole day.

Dogs are also welcome to attend Busfest however they have had a few problems reported in recent years and the rules are very much under review.

Some areas of the camping ground and the evening entertainment venues are now a no go zone for dogs and the organisers have stressed that owners must be responsible in controlling and cleaning up after their dogs.

Camping at the Festival

Camping for the full weekend is permitted (and encouraged!) the camp site is split into zones. Family zone, Club zone, No dog zone as well as an area that is disabled access friendly.

The Family zone is furthest from the noise and naturally, people staying in this area need to respect an earlier, quieter night for those around them.

Camping is great fun with loads of things going on around the site all weekend and no shortage of food or drinks stands so “Self Catering” is very much optional!

Alcohol at the Festival

The general consensus for alcohol is that you can bring alcohol with you onto site however there are plenty of stands where alcohol can be purchased also including a cocktail bar for those of you feeling too a little too sophisticated for a simple beer. Alcohol and acceptable behaviour rules apply so be responsible in what you drink and also respect the site rules on waste disposal. Don’t litter.

Festival Costs for 2020

Whole weekend

£50 per adult plus £20 per vehicle. Children 0-16 Free!

Big Bang Santa Pod UK

The event

The Big Bang VW festival if up there with the best! It meets all the usual best VW festival expectations with the added extra… A drag strip for those that fancy a bit of adrenaline inducing fun!

Whilst the event is a little more high octane than the usual chill out vibe at other VW events it still caters very well for family and  the organisers and festival goers are extremely friendly.

Sadly the event was suspended in 2020 due to Covid 19 however we will certainly be going to the 2021 show which is usually held in May each year

The drag strip itself is open to any/all VW’s, you will see some tuned up Beetles, Transporters, Golf’s etc doing runs but also your more standard vehicles are welcome to take a run at the quarter mile. Even for those not fancying to take to the strip itself, it is great fun to watch.

The actual show and other attractions are also a little more high octane than other shows that we have been to. There is usually stunt shows (bikes/planes/cars/ monster trucks etc!). As well as these there is a fun fair and live music played throughout the weekend.

Camping at the Festival

Camping is available and encouraged for the whole weekend. All types of vehicles are welcomed but as you might expect most are of the VW transporter variety.

Pets at the Festival

For obvious reasons (errrr the drag strip), no pets can attend this festival.

Festival Costs for 2020

Whole weekend

£35 per adult. Children 0-16 Free!

Drag strip fee… £25 for unlimited runs normally only available on the Friday and you must have your driving licence to hand.

Volksfest Wales UK

The event

Volksfest Wales has made our top 5 VW show list for several years running and the show itself has been going for over 20 year. It is a much smaller festival than the others in the top 5 but absolutely deserves its well-earned position.

We love the vibe, the family atmosphere, and the very friendly organisers. As if those reasons are not enough on their own to attend – it is a beautiful location at Watton Show Fields in Brecon! This is a stunning part of the world and a beautiful drive to get to from any direction that you may be travelling from.

The festival typically runs from the Friday through to the Sunday and normally the second or third weekend in August. As with all shows this can vary so it is best to check the official website for updates.

There is a trade stand area, live music and of course plenty of food and drink around the grounds. In terms of entertainment there is always plenty to see and do for all the family. The line up of vehicles to drool over is varied with lots of beautiful split screens as well as other VW’s of all makes and models.

Some of the classics tastefully restored to their original glory and other more modern models tastefully modified/fitted out will all sorts of different examples to see. The owners of the vehicles are always keen to show you around their pride and joys and we enjoy spending time talking with fellow enthusiasts.

Camping at the Festival

Camping is available from the Thursday to the Sunday and is split into areas to cater for the varity of festival goers. Family camping, General Camping, Club camping and also Camping spots that are more suited to those requiring disabled access.

The layout is well thought out so those with families needing a quieter night are furthest away from the music stage.

The general camping rules are pretty common sense as with all events. Be respectful of the grounds and fellow campers around you. Security is onsite that patrols and First aid is available at all times. Check on the gate for any updates however the key points from previous years that we have attended are that camp fires are not permitted, BBQ’s must be raised,

Well behaved and controlled dogs are allowed, No private generators, Drink responsibly and respect other guests. Take your litter home or dispose of in the waste area’s on site.

Festival Costs for 2020

Whole weekend (Fri to Sunday)

£35 per adult. Children 0-15 Free!

You can buy a ticket for £10 for camping on the Thursday night also but spaces are usually limited.